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Sobhan Industrial Group started working in the field of light construction materials and interior decoration in 2004.
The factories of this complex are located in the industrial city of Kaveh (Central Province of Iran) with an area of 55,000 m2 and Arvand Free Zone (Khuzestan Province of Iran) with an area of 30,000 m2. By producing various products, these industrial units have met a significant part of the domestic and international market needs of the construction industry in the field of wall and ceiling construction of various structures, interior decoration and false ceiling.
Wall and ceiling materials including sandwich panels with the well-known Fabis brand (the first manufacturer of sandwich panels in West Asia) Interior decoration products include PVC wall coverings with the Itok Plast brand, MDF wall coverings, PVC and MDF cornices and fittings with the Itok Profile brand.
Suspended ceiling products include PVC and gypsum tiles with the Itok Panel brand, various false ceiling metal structures with the Fabis Profile brand, and plasterboard with the Fabis Panel brand.

False Ceiling
False Ceiling
Wall Covering
Wall Covering
Sandwich Panel
Sandwich Panel

PVC Wall Covering

PVC wall covering is a decorative covering for the inner and outer surface of the wall, which is a suitable and economical alternative to traditional building materials such as plaster, wood, concrete and stone. PVC wall coverings are produced as double-walled and coated, and in addition to eye-catching beauty, they are light, resistant and washable. The variety of color and design of wall coverings has made them to be used in the interior design of walls and even false ceilings and used in external applications for the facade of residential, office and commercial buildings.
Currently, Soban Industrial Group produces interior wall coverings in more than a thousand different traditional and modern designs. For small residential or office spaces, you can use simple and matte ITOK PLAST wall coverings, which are economical and bring simplicity and beauty to the space. If you have a larger space, such as commercial centers, ITOK PLAST coated wall coverings are a more suitable option.
ITOK PLAST Wall Covering
Creating a pleasant view on the wall and ceiling


The policy of this industrial group is to rely on experience and up-to-date technology and cooperation with expert forces. In line with the goals we believe in, we have succeeded in receiving ISO-9001 , ISO 14001 , ISO 45001 and ISO 10004 certificates.

PVC False Ceiling

The false ceiling is a secondary covering for the roof of commercial, office and residential spaces, which in addition to beauty, Provides optimal use of the roof in modern construction.
Gypsum tile is one of the most well-known materials used in false ceilings. These tiles are standard size 60x60 centimeters are produced and placed inside the ceiling profiles that have already been installed.
Gypsum tiles have different types, such as simple tiles, regular and irregular hole tiles, straw tiles, etc. False ceiling due to its light weight, as well as preventing energy loss and its great role in beauty The interior decorations of the building have been given great attention.
Due to the fact that PVC cannot be combined with other materials in the environment, including water, air and nearby materials, They are considered desirable materials in the construction industry. The design variety of this type of ceiling tile in Soban Industrial Group is very large and it depends on the customer's taste.
ITOK PANEL False Ceiling Tiles
PVC tile and false ceiling plaster in a unique variety of designs


Sandwich panels with the oldest well-known brand in the Middle East, FABIS
Production of T-profile roof structures and plasterboard structures with FABIS brand
Production of PVC wall coverings and fittings lTOK PLAST brand
Production of decorative wall sconces and fittings with ITOK PROFILE
Production of tiles 60x60 PVC in different designs and colors with ITOK PANEL brand
Production of UPVC door and window profiles with LARES brand

Sandwich Panel FABIS

Sandwich panel is a three-layer structure consisting of two outer layers and a light inner core. The outer layers are made of metal sheet (galvanized, aluzinc, aluminum or steel) and the middle layer is made of polyurethane foam, which is injected with different densities between the two layers of the sheet.
Fabis is the oldest sandwich panel production brand in the Middle East. Fabis wall sandwich panels and ceiling sandwich panels are produced and supplied to the consumer market in Soban Industrial Group located in Kaveh Industrial City (Iran). Fabis sandwich panels are widely used in covering all kinds of manufacturing, agricultural, industrial, warehouse, fixed and mobile prefabricated buildings (canopies).
Fabis sandwich panel production factories use global quality raw materials to produce roof and wall types with different uses.
Sandwich Panel FABIS
FABIS wall, ceiling and cleanroom sandwich panels


The products of Sobhan Industrial Group enter the domestic and foreign markets with the following prestigious brands